Main Board

The Board is responsible for strategic and major operational issues affecting the Group. It reviews financial performance, regulatory compliance and monitors key performance indicators and will consider any matters of significance to the Group including corporate activity.



Luke Johnson - Non-Executive Chairman
Donald Brown - Chief Executive Officer
James Reed-Daunter - Executive Director 
Mark Ansell - Non-Executive Director

Remuneration Committee

The Committee has responsibility for determining remuneration of Executive Directors. This Committee also reviews bonus and equity arrangements for the Group's other senior employees and in addition has responsibility for supervising the Arden Partners Share Options Scheme and the grant of options under its terms.



Mark Ansell - Chairman
Luke Johnson

Nominations Committee

The Committee's responsibilities include ensuring that the size and composition of the Board is appropriate for the needs of the Group including an assessment of diversity profile, selecting the most suitable candidate or candidates for the Board and to oversee succession planning aspects for the Board. 



Luke Johnson - Chairman
Mark Ansell

Audit Committee

The Committee has responsibilities including the monitoring and review of the Group's internal control environment, financial risks (including market risk in relation to the Group's market making activities), financial statements, reports and announcements and ensuring the Company has a policy which allows any member of staff to raise, in confidence, any concern about possible impropriety in matters of financial reporting or other matters, and to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place for a proportionate independent investigation of such matters including any follow-up action required.



Mark Ansell - Chairman
Luke Johnson
Steve Wassell

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is responsible for implementation of strategy and for monitoring progress of delivery of key objectives. It also reviews financial performance against budgets and key performance indicators.



Jonathan Keeling - Chairman
Donald Brown - Chief Executive Officer
Departmental Heads

Risk Committee

The Committee is charged with monitoring risk exposures including those which arise through trading and holding financial instruments, regulatory and compliance, capital adequacy and financial reporting risk.



Steve Wassell - Chairman
Fraser Marshall
Norman Gould
Steve Douglas

Corporate Governance

Arden Partners plc is not required to comply with, and does not apply the full requirements of, the UK Corporate Governance Code (the "Code"). The Company meets the requirements of the Code where the Directors deem these to be relevant to an AIM quoted company having consideration to the size, nature and operations of the Company. Further information on Arden Partners' corporate governance arrangements can be found in our latest Annual Report which is published on this website.